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AMD 減少10%人力: 減肥還是減肉? (英文)

I just listened to the quarterly earnings report, and AMD reported reasonable numbers. The new CEO Rory Read spoke about execution and recovering from issues on delivering product. In fact, his most important point came back to executing and delivering on promises.

Sounds great. Companies which execute their business well, naturally tend to do well over the long term for a lot of good reasons.  My thoughts on the layoffs, announced just one week after the earnings report, made we wonder "is this the 'new CEO' effect?" and are these layoffs a quick fix by a CEO to make the markets happy?

I'm not answering that question just yet. There needs to be some evidence on how & where the layoffs are done. My inclination, however, is to say this is a market-pleasing maneuver. The CEO just visited all of his major customers worldwide and promised that AMD was going to execute & deliver on promises. First,with this announcement, we can be certain that if all of the layoffs have not already been decided (and often they are already done before the announcement), then 100% of the company will be worried about becoming part of the 10% to be laid-off. A huge distraction like this will not be help AMD execute and deliver on the company's promises. Second, AMD did not strike me as being a company with a lot of fat. The last five years have seen a lot of changes at AMD and the team in Europe has already been "optimized" - several times in fact.

On the bright side, AMD just released the new FirePro V4900 professional graphics card which will give those of us using professional CAD tools a boost in graphics performance without taking a big bite out of our wallets.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of this new product and will share that with you soon.

Having financially healthy technology partners is a benefit for all of us. You'll see more here as this restructuring unfolds over the next 3 months.


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