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NVIDIA Quadro 及 Tesla 銷售因企業增加投資而獲利 (英文)

The NVIDIA Professional Solutions Business grew in revenu by 4.2 % last quarter thanks to an increase in enterprise spending.

Sales for professional graphics were up in the second quarter because more of you were spending again. Enterprise spending grew modestly, and the increase improved the financial results for the graphics specialist, NVIDIA.

 Total revenue for the quarter just exceeded the 1 billion dollar mark and more than 1/5 of that came from sales of professional solutions. Although NVIDIA does not disclose the margin contribution from the Quadro products, the professional market provides margins much higher than the corporate average, and the corporate gross margins were 51% last quarter. This is good news for CAD professionals. The high margins are important to NVIDIA which drives the company to defend its dominant market share. To defend its market share, NVIDIA invests strategically in R&D to develop solutions to really hard problems that CAD and other graphics professionals face.

The fortunes of NVIDIA stock prices tend to rise and fall based on the expectations of its mobile processor business outlook, but its bread and butter profits continue to be driven by its professional Quadro and Tesla GPU business. That is good news for CAD professionals.

 In summary, total revenues in the second quarter were $1.017 billion, gross margins were 51.7%, and GAAP earnings per share were $0.25. Professional solutions at NVIDIA contributed $210.3 million to the earnings, an increase quarter on quarter of 4.2%.


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